Pro Post Workout Recovery 4:1 for Women


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Chocolate Flavored

Our PRO recovery formula was developed for workouts or training sessions greater than 150 minutes and for hard training sessions.

  • 4:1 Carb to protein ratio to replenish glycogen and enhance muscle strength.
  • Carbohydrate blend for faster absorption and better digestion.
  • Branched chain amino acids to help maintain muscles.
  • Vitamins and Minerals to improve the recovering process.
  • Calcium for bone support.


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This formula was designed to maximize post workout recovery of long term exercise training, as well as to high intensity exercise training. These kind of exercises, performed mostly by athletes (professional and non-professional), leads to a big decrease in body glycogen levels as well as a large injury of muscle mass. The sooner the recovery is taken, the smaller will be the injury of the body and better will be the recovery of the athlete for the next training session. To maximize the levels of body glycogen it is important to combine different kinds of carbohydrates, minerals and amino acids. Once they are absorbed, they can stop the catabolism process, caused by exercise, and facilitate the conversion of a fast absorption protein (whey protein) into the muscle mass that was injured along the exercise. It will only be possible at a perfect combination of carbohydrate and protein, the 4:1 ratio.