Lean Post Workout Recovery for Men


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Lemon Lime Flavored

Our Lean formula was developed for short training sessions and for athletes who want to get leaner.

  • Carbohydrate blend for faster absorption and better digestion.
  • Branched chain amino acids to help maintain muscles.
  • Chromium picolinate to decrease post workout cravings.
  • Vitamins and Minerals to improve the recovering process.


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It is widely understood that when the diet is combined with exercise the process of weight loss is optimized. However, the exercise leads to different changes in body metabolism, making it more efficient if you recover properly; or less efficient if not recovering properly.

By not recovering properly, the frequency and duration of your training will decrease and also impact the weight loss process.
This formula has been designed for faster rehydration, stop the catabolism process, recovery the immune system and decrease high levels of insulin in the body; which will promote a more accelerated metabolism along the day. That will only be possible with the correct blend of carbohydrate, salt and minerals.

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Great product! Just one thing the flavor could be better but other then that great affordable product. Would recommend


Good stuff


I’m really enjoying the product, for recovery after intense training



Why Lean Post Workout Recovery is absorbed faster than other recoveries formulas?

The Lean Post Workout Recovery contains the perfect combination of carbohydrates, salts, BCAA and glutamine, which leads to a faster absorption of water and recovery of the glycogen levels. This will accelerate the metabolism which will help the fat burning process to continue along the day after exercise.

When should I consume Lean Post Workout Recovery?

The best time to consume the Lean Recovery is within the first 30 minutes after exercise.

What should I do if I forget to drink the post workout recovery in the first 30 minutes?

Although the best moment of consuming the recovery is in the first 30 minutes after exercise, you can still take it within 2 hrs and have most of the results.

Should I mix the post workout recovery with water or milk?

The post workout recovery should always be mix with water, as the mixture with others drinks as milk and juices can decrease the benefit effects of the product.

Is Lean Post Workout Recovery drink free of banned substances?

Yes, it is.

Why do I need a post workout recovery beverage?

The meal after exercise is widely neglected. That leads to a decrease in either the efficiency of the trainability and the metabolism, resulting in loss of muscle mass, deficient of immune system and dehydration. A recovery beverage specifically designed to your kind of training and goals can support your body necessities in a fast an efficient form.

Can I use the post workout recovery drink mix during exercise?

Although some athletes use the formula along long term exercises (more than 3h or 4h), it can lead to abdominal discomfort, as it was specially developed for post exercise.

Why does this product contain carbohydrates?

Along any kind of exercise carbohydrates are widely used to maintain the muscle contraction. The more intense the exercise, the bigger is the amount of carbohydrates degraded from glycogen sources. If the glycogen sources are not fast recovered after exercise, it will lead the body to burn muscle mass after exercise. Apart from that, the carbohydrates are vital to the conversion of the protein from the diet into muscle mass.

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